White LILAC SOY Candle Crystal Journey Candles glass votive LOVE Protection


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Crystal Journey Candles All Natural Soy Candles - Filled Glass Votives
all natural Soy, scented with Crystal Journey's 100% essential oil blends

Each glass votiveholder is filled with Crystal Journey Candle's most popular All Natural Scented candles.
Approximate burn time 18—20 hours (height-2.5”; diameter-2”).
Lilac all natural Soy Crystal Journey Candle
Lilacs are associated with strong feminine energy and the Goddess Venus Aphrodite as well as the Moon. Lilac is a 'love' plant and helps to keep unwelcome advances from others at bay. It's energy can also be used to help shift consciousness and enable one to explore past lives and gain a deeper understanding of reincarnation.

This plant has long been used to protect the border of properties and to drive away negative energy within a home or sacred space. It can be used to help spirits move on to a higher plane, particularly useful if you share your space with those who may not exactly be welcome or friendly.

Magickal Uses:

Create positive energy
Help Spirits move onto a higher plane (and banish them from your space)
Ward off unwelcome external advances (encroachments) in your love relationship
Protect your property, belongings, and personal space
As an aid to help shift consciousness in order to explore past lives and reincarnation
Enhance psychic vision
Create happiness and joy with a partner
Rekindle a relationship - bring back that first 'spark' of being in love

I LOVE these candles...I burn a lot of candles in my line of work (astrology, tarot, divination, ritual work) and these have been my favorite for 14+ years! My clients and customers agree. They are especially happy with the easy clean up, the fantastic scents, and the tremendous energy packed inside each one.
You may find others on eBay selling for less but you won't find any selling as FRESH!  I wouldn't send you a candle I wouldn't burn myself for my own manifestation needs.
I keep my candle stock fresh and potent.

An inexpensive yet lovely (and powerful) spiritual gift for yourself or a loved one!