Viking Wolf ANGEL Pendant WOLF RUNES Necklace Norse VIDAR Wolf Energy Amulet


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  • Viking Runic Wolfsangel Magick Protection Pendant Necklace.
  • Bind and Destroy forces of disorder and dissolution - a Symbol of Protection, Liberty, and Independence.
  • double-sided amulet, handcrafted in the USA by Pepi and Company.
  • This item is 1 inch in diameter.

The Wolfsangel symbol  represents an ancient hook like weapon used to catch wolves. The Wolfsangel Rune Magically channels Wolf Energy to bring Protection by binding all harmful influences and then obliterating them.

The Wolfsangel is the rune of the Viking God Vidar (son of Odin and the beautiful Giantess Grid). Vidar is the destroyer of the evil Fenris; the Monster Wolf. Therefore the Wolfsangel is believed by some to protect against werewolves.

With its capacity to bind and destroy forces of disorder and dissolution, it was used by the freemen, peasants, and farmers of the Viking lands as a Symbol of Protection, Liberty, and Independence.

The Runes surrounding the Wolfs angel are the Elder Futhark, a mystical alphabet used  by the ancient Vikings to Attract Luck and Fortune, provide Protection, and divine the Future.

Wear this mighty symbol and feel the magic of the Vikings!

....includes 36" cord, accent bead and booklet explaining the history and use of the symbol or talisman.

This handcrafted item was created out of the finest excelsior (leadfree, nickelfree) pewter by Pepi and Co.

Pepi and Co. utilizes a unique finishing process resulting in one of the most beautiful lines of jewelry you can find! Pepi and Co. enlists the creative energies of select artists and sculptors to develop and design each original piece. Concepts for designs are carefully researched for authenticity and historical relevance, utilizing historical and mystical texts including The Key of Solomon, The Qabalah, The Black Pullet, Greek, and Norse Mythologies. The resources are too numerous to mention and the research library keeps growing! Pepi's goal is to bring you beautifully interpreted, esoterically sensitive, quality designs created by highly skilled craftspeople.