Sleipnir Odin's Horse Pendant Necklace - Viking Warrior Horse Rune Pendant Norse Amulet


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  • Viking Horse Runic Odin's Sleipnir Warrior Pendant Necklace.
  • Handcrafted in the USA of the highest quality Nickel and Lead-free silver color excelsior pewter.
  • Comes with an adjustable 30 inch black cord and pewter accent bead.
  • Includes a small booklet with information about the amulet, as shown in the photos.
  • Double sided - same design on both sides.
  • Size: approximately 1 1/8 inch (2.9 cm) in diameter.

The Viking God Odin has several Shamanic Spirit Guides, including the Valkyries, Ravens, and Wolves, which can be classified as Fylgjur (supernatural beings who accompany one on their path). One of the most magical of Odin's guides is that of Sleipnir, his 8-legged Horse. Sleipnir is the fastest Horse in the world - his name means "smooth" or "gliding." His speed is greater than any other horse yet his ride is smooth. It is believed that Sleipnir could be ridden over both the Sea and through the Air.
Odin rides his horse on his frequent journeys throughout the Nine Worlds, which are held in the branches of the World Tree Yggdrasil.

Wear this amulet and FEEL the Power of Odin's Magical Horse, Sleipnir!

This handcrafted item was created out of the finest excelsior (leadfree) pewter by Pepi and Co.

Pepi and Co. utilizes a unique finishing process resulting in one of the most beautiful lines of jewelry you can find! Pepi and Co. enlists the creative energies of select artists and sculptors to develop and design each original piece. Concepts for designs are carefully researched for authenticity and historical relevance, utilizing historical and mystical texts including The Key of Solomon, The Qabalah, The Black Pullet, Greek, and Norse Mythologies. The resources are too numerous to mention and the research library keeps growing! Pepi's goal is to bring you beautifully interpreted, esoterically sensitive, quality designs created by highly skilled craftspeople.