SOLSTICE Tree Heart Pendant .925 Silver Gold vermeil CELTIC TREE of LIFE with Sapphires


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Celtic Tree of Life in a Heart - Solstice Tree - World Tree Pendant - in .925 Sterling Silver with 18K gold vermeil accents

So beautiful! with twisted trunk and glimmering created sapphires adorning the branches, perfectly enclosed within a heart

The Solstice Tree, or Tree of Life, is an important Celtic symbol representing the connection of all living things. With branches reaching high into the sky and roots reaching deep into the earth, the Tree of Life connects all things from the heavens above to the Earth below.  In Norse Mythology the World Tree is called Yggdrasil. Makes a meaningful gift for yourself or someone special!
This item was created out of the finest sterling silver by Peter Stone.

This Pendant is 3.70 cm or approximately 1.5 inches wide