Sexy Witch Reversable Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver - FAERY STAR pendant with garnets - Fae Magick


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  • Sexy Witch Faery Star Pendant - Fae Magick Septagram 7 pointed Star Amulet.
  • Handcrafted in .925 Sterling Silver with garnets.
  • One side features 7 garnet gemstones and the reverse side is engraved with the words "Sexy Witch."
  • The pendant is 1 inch at it's widest point.
  • Includes a fine black cord.
  • The seven points of the Elven Faery Star represent the Sun, the Forest, the Sea, Magick, the Moon, the Wind, and Spirit.


The septagram, or Faery Star, is also used instead of, or with the Pentagram, by many Faery and Celtic-based traditions. The seven points represent the Sun, the Forest, the Sea, Magick, the Moon, the Wind, and Spirit. The following are the seven points of "Elven" or "Faery" Magick.

Point 1: The Sun. There is apparent fire elemental symbolism here, but also a more specific symbolism relevant to the septagram. The sun is the primary force of life and creation on Earth or most any other world.

Point 2: The Wood. Most elves feel a deep connection to forests and woods in general. Trees are considered kin, cousins and brothers. Elves can see a deep secret hidden in the branches of trees, and understand the power and nature of trees and woods.

Point 3: The Sea. Many elves also have a connection to the sea, and water elemental powers are very strong naturally.

Point 4: The Magic. Magic is integral to the lives of all elves, whether it be the simple but profound magic of a snowflake or the more involved (for the elf perhaps) magic of rhymes, runes, visions, and such. It is not only a matter of understanding magic, but of living magic.

Point 5: The Moon. Just as the sun is responsible for our existence, so too does the moon have almost as important a role. Consider how different Earth would be without the moon: to light the dark night skies; to affect the weather and tides with it gravity (it is in many ways a contributor to the dynamic nature of our weather patterns); and even the magical and physiological effects upon us and others.

Point 6: The Wind. Many elves also have a strong connection to the wind and air elementals in general.

Point 7: Connection. Ultimately, elves must remember the idea of Connection – of our connection to ourselves, others, the world, the land, reality, magic, and the universe. We are creatures of connection, and our power is tied to our connections to all things. This point is the aspiration perhaps of the other points, just as the fifth point of spirit is the aspiration of the pentagram and humanity.