PSYCHE Goddess Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Butterfly SOUL Neptune Amulet


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  • The Goddess Psyche Pendant - Immortal Love, Immortal Soul Amulet.
  • Handcrafted in solid .925 Sterling Silver with enamel.
  • Gorgeous details! Psyche as a Butterfly with Neptune's Trident.
  • Designed by artist Oberon Zell.
  • This pendant is approximately 1 3/8  inches or 3.22 cm.

Psyche, as a mortal, completed the impossible tasks set forth by the Goddess Venus, including meeting with Persephone in the Underworld and bringing back some of Persephone's beauty potion. She was granted immortality by Zeus.

"Yet, at the end of her long struggle, Psyche could not resist opening the box and obtaining some of the divine beauty for herself. Upon opening the box and falling into a deathlike sleep, Psyche is rescued by Eros, who wakes her with a prick from one of his arrows. Psyche's act of opening the box reconnected her to the primordial feminine and not only enabled Eros to become her savior but also granted her Venus' forgiveness. She was prepared to sacrifice her entire being for him and her 'death' transformed Eros from a wounded boy into a man....Eros no longer had to love in the dark; his relationship with Psyche brought love down from a transpersonal level and made it interpersonal. As a man, Eros was now capable of approaching Zeus and asking for his aid rather than hiding his love for Psyche in the dark. Zeus gave Psyche the ambrosia of immortality and made her a Goddess in her own right, an equal to live side by side and bear children with the God of Love, Eros." (the quote is from my book, Dangerous Love, Sacred Love: The Dance of Saturn and Neptune in Karmic Love Relationships. This text is copyrighted and is not to be copied or distributed.)

Psyche became immortal and her relationship with Eros is an immortal love. Psyche means "Soul" in Greek.  Psyche is often depicted as a Butterfly, surrounded by butterflies, or with butterfly wings. Neptune and the Ocean is also associated with the Soul, immortality, and spiritual, transcendent love. This beautiful amulet portrays Psyche with Butterfly Wings and we see a hint of Neptune with the symbol of his Trident.

Pendant only. Does not come with cord or chain.