PHOENIX Rising Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver with 18K gold accents and brown Swarovski cystals - Solar FIRE BIRD

$109.99 $129.99

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  • PHOENIX Rising Pendant  - .925 Sterling Silver FIRE Sun BIRD.
  • Rebirth - Renewal - Transformation - Regeneration - Strength - Hope within Despair.
  • So beautiful with the gold adorned tail!
  • This item was created out of the finest sterling silver & 18K Gold vermeil by Peter Stone.
  • Approximately 2 3/4 inches including the bail.
  • Features multiple brown Swarovski crystals.

The phoenix has captivated the imagination of many cultures, as a symbol of the sun, rebirth, and resurrection. This mighty "fire bird" is said to die in its flames and then resurrect itself every hundred years. You can carry the powerful symbolism of the phoenix with the Flying Phoenix Silver Pendant.

Meticulously crafted from fine silver, the Flying Phoenix Silver Pendant is a powerful reminder of the cycle of rebirth and resurrection.

If you are captivated by the phoenix, the Flying Phoenix Silver Pendant will help you celebrate the unique significance of the phoenix.