MAYAN Cross Necklace SWEET ROMANCE Ollipop MAYA TREE of LIFE retro beaded CROSS


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MAYAN Cross Necklace SWEET ROMANCE Ollipop MAYA TREE of LIFE retro beaded CROSS

Made in the USA - The work of Shelley Cooper and Sweet Romance

Even before the arrival of Christianity in the Yucatan, the Maya revered the symbol of the cross as their Tree of Life. As the two cultures converged in the 1500s, the Maya retained traditions from their own understanding of the cosmos. Yet, they embraced the cross as a medium through which a person could awaken their spirit, invoke blessings and receive divine inspiration. It has been centuries, but remarkably, almost miraculously, the Maya continue to dwell in the Yucatan and Guatemala. The sculptural, polychrome facades of their ancient buildings and their color-drenched weaving continue to infuse daily life with a sense of the spiritual. My cross design is born of that world. Colors of the earth are expressed in stunning metalwork and crystal beads, each made by hand in the lampwork process. Many artists have put their hands to the creation of your necklace or cuff. May it bring you joy and inspiration.

Pendant drapes 3.5"
Burnished bronze metal finish
Lobster claw clasp
Signed and copyrighted Sweet Romance USA.
Size: 14" long + 5" extender

 Shelley Cooper is a jewelry artist, designer, historian, and businesswoman who has nurtured a love of antique jewelry into a flourishing design and manufacturing company that exquisitely produces the original collections of Sweet Romance. Her designs, derived from a life-long study of antique and vintage jewelry, radiate the authenticity and spirit of many eras of fashion history.

The collection's legacy designs enfold stories and memoirs about jewelry, the women who inspired it, and the historical times that gave it expression. These storylines illuminate the lives and times of queens and consorts, fashion doyennes and socialites, vamps and starlets, dreamers and romantics, and our great-grandmothers.

Shelley’s designs convince the eye of old treasures rediscovered, continually interpreting fashion trends of yesterday and today.