DANU Celtic IRISH Necklace 14k Gold S Silver Tuatha De Dannan link necklace Dana


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DANU Celtic IRISH Necklace - Tuatha De Dannan link necklace - Goddess Dana - in Sterling Silver with 14k gold
This item was created out of the finest sterling silver & 14k gold by Peter Stone.
1 3/8 inch drop showcases the necklace

Each Celtic knotwork link of this stunning necklace features a gold accented center.

 Celtic inspiration shines through in this intricately crafted Jewelry featuring gold accents.

Peter Stone - the world's leading manufacturer of fine sterling silver jewelry - has created the Danu Collection to celebrate Celtic Heritage and capture the Irish myths and legends that have inspired mankind for ages.

Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the Danu Silver and Gold Celtic Knotwork Necklace showcases the beauty of Irish tradition and the fine craftsmanship of Peter Stone Artisans.

(ring & photos - Peter Stone Jewelry)