CRESCENT MOON Gold Tone Bronze Pendant Wiccan Pagan Magick Waxing Moon


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  • Waxing Crescent Moon Magick Moon Pendant - in gold tone jeweler's bronze.
  • Take a look at the fine detail on the bail - a tiny little Crescent Moon!
  • Gorgeous! Simple beauty.
  • This item was created out of gold tone jeweler's bronze.
  • This pendant is 1 5/8 of an inch, including the bail - without the bail, the pendant is approximately 1 1/4 inch.

The Waxing Moon energy is used for initiation, manifesting new ideas, and taking action to realize our hopes, dreams, and wishes. If you have recently began a new phase in life, a new project, or a new relationship, use the Waxing Crescent Moon energy to create the situation, relationship, or life you desire.