Celtic WOLF Pendant in Silver Plated White Bronze - Norse Celtic Spirals Wolf energy amulet

$24.99 $34.99

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  • Celtic Norse Wolf Pendant - in silver plated white bronze.
  • Gorgeous details! Celtic spirals adorns the Wolf.
  • Designed by artist Brigid Ashwood.
  • This pendant is 1" h x 1 1/2" w, 1 1/4" h with the bail.

Wolves are very intuitive, intelligent, and passionate. They understand the importance of social connections and are very aware of their surroundings.

The wolf also embodies cunning, communication, loyalty, and compassion, all evident from their close family bonds and interactions that allow them to thrive in even harsh climates. The wolf is a powerful symbol. In Norse mythology, Odin created the first wolves, Geri and Freki, to accompany him everywhere.

Just Like Silver - by Peter Stone Jewelry

What Peter Stone has to say about this beautiful line of jewelry:

"Just Like Silver is a White Bronze based semi-precious metal alloyed with other non-toxic metals, such as zinc, for incredible strength and luster. Just Like Silver is nickel and lead free as well as hypo-allergenic. The White Bronze, looking Just Like Silver when it comes off the polishing wheels in our jewelry production is additionally Sterling Silver plated heavily to give it a True Just Like Silver look."