CELTIC Maori Manaia Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver - NEW ZEALAND Maori Guide to the Heavens

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  • Celtic Maori  Manaia Pendant.
  • New Zealand Maori Guide to the Heavens pendant.
  • Stunning, original pendant in .925 Sterling Silver with sparkling crystals and enamel accent.

The Maori are well known and revered for their sophisticated ancient knowledge of the stars and ocean currents. This striking pendant was inspired by the rich traditions of the Celtic and Maori people, with Celtic Knotwork set within the powerful symbol of the Matau. This symbol also represents the first Maori, who was descended from the Stars.

The following text is from http://www.squidoo.com/maori-symbols:

Maori Guardian Angel - Manaia

The manaia symbolizes a mythical being with a bird's head a human body and fish tail. Manaia is considered the messenger between the Gods and mortals. In Maori culture the bird is thought to be an omen-carrier or intermediary between man and the spirits. That's why manaia, with its specific body shape, represents spiritual power and is seen as the guide that leads the spirits to heaven.

Sometimes the manaia symbol is described as some kind of aura; the invisible light surrounding a person.

The Manaia symbol is described in many ways. The word doubles as the word for lizard and some say it is a beaked and ornamental figure. Others think its origins are in the human profile. There is also the movement that suspects the Manaia relates to a distant avian (bird) cult.

Pendant is 2 inches in height. Pendant only; does not come with cord or chain.

(photos - Peter Stone Jewelry)