Celtic CROSS Spiral Pendant .925 Sterling Silver Celtic Cosmic Spiral amulet


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Celtic CROSS with Celtic Spiral Pendant - .925 Sterling Silver Celtic Cosmic Spiral amulet
Approximately 1 1/8 inch width x 1 1/8 inch height

Lovingly Handcrafted in beautiful Sterling Silver by Wellstone Jewelry in the USA
Pendant only - this item does not come with a cord or chain.
Symbolism and Meaning of the Celtic Cross with the Celtic Spiral Pendant:

This is the cross expressive of humanity in harmony with both the horizontal plane of the material and the vertical plane of the spirit. The symbol celebrates our rootedness in the cosmos and asserts our divine right to the full spectrum of possibilities in earthly life.

The spiral is a symbol for both the path to wholeness and unity itself. It also represents the Kundalini serpent energy coiled within the human body at the base of the spine. Spirals are among the most primal of ancient symbols; spirals grace the Irish Stone Age monuments at Newgrange, which date from 2,500 B. C.

(Text about this item and Photos used with permission)