Canterbury Sweet Romance Jewelry Necklace - Renaissance Victorian jeweled carcanet Collar Necklace

$129.99 $144.99

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Made in the USA - The work of Shelley Cooper and Sweet Romance


This 'V' shaped necklace is styled after a "carcanet," a Renaissance era collarpiece that was revived in the Victorian era.

  • Miniature emblems, plated in gold, silver and bronze are set in a palette of regal color crystal, cabochon cut stones and seed pearls.
  • Each is mounted on a bronze finish book chain that has been produced from old dies of the late 1800s.
  • Highly detailed, fascinating and sophisticated.
  • Signed. Trademark Sweet Romance USA.


Approximately 19.5 inches


I love this stunning necklace! Pictures can't show the intricate detail and fine craftsmanship of this piece.