CANTERBURY Sweet Romance Bracelet - ROYAL RENAISSANCE Victorian jeweled 8 inch bracelet


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  • CANTERBURY Sweet Romance Bracelet
  • Royal RENAISSANCE Victorian jeweled double-strand bracelet
  • 8 inch bracelet
  • Made in the USA - The work of Shelley Cooper and Sweet Romance
  • Richly plated in gold, silver and bronze.
  • Trademark Sweet Romance USA.

Feminine glamour infused the design of royal Renaissance jewelry during the reign of Elizabeth I. Very few of her jewels survived changing fashions and the succession of other monarchs who dissolved the remainder of the inheritance. Notably missing from the treasury was Elizabeth’s beloved Canterbury bracelet, a chain of miniature jeweled emblems. Shelley's quest to recreate the fabled bracelet resulted in this design, transmitting opulence through exquisite hand-worked detail and a regal palette of crystal and vintage stones. Each miniature emblem, plated in gold, silver and bronze, is mounted on a bronze finish book chain that has been produced from old dies of the late 1800s. Many artists have contributed to the creation of your bracelet or necklace. May it lift your spirits and make you feel just a little bit like royalty.