Sweet Romance Etheria Silver Crystal Vee Necklace - Aetheria Goddess Necklace - Egeria Fantasy

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  • Gorgeous Sweet Romance Fantasy Crystal Roman Aetheria Vee Necklace - Etheria Vee Necklace
  • Made in the USA - The work of Shelley Cooper and Sweet Romance. Trademark Sweet Romance Jewelry USA.
  • Size: 19.5" L x 0.5" W.
  • Finished in layers of hand-burnished silver
  • Named for the Roman minor Goddess (or nymph) Aetheria (Egeria, Etheria), this beautiful necklace sparkles with blue, pink, purple, and green crystals. 
  • Foldover clasp.

Any Goddess would love to wear such a beauty!


What if, during a drizzling rain, you looked up to see a rainbow in pastel colors? The dispersion of light through pastel crystal is ethereal and refreshing to the eye. Place this crystal color palette in silver jewelry, and the effect is breathtaking. Our embossed vintage chain is the foundation for a sequence of detailed elements in the shapes of marquis, squares, ovals, clovers and rounds. They are set with crystal in shade of sapphire blue, aqua, tanzanite, pale green, silver shadow and light amethyst. A deceptively simple vee silhouette, the necklace is a feast of detail and presents a clean and vibrant color story.

Signed and copyrighted Sweet Romance USA.

From Wikipedia:

Egeria (Latin: Ēgeria) was a nymph attributed a legendary role in the early history of Rome as a divine consort and counselor of the Sabine second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius, to whom she imparted laws and rituals pertaining to ancient Roman religion. Her name is used as an eponym for a female advisor or counselor..
Described sometime as a "mountain nymph" (Plutarch), she is usually regarded as a water nymph and somehow her cult also involved some link with childbirth, like the Greek goddess Ilithyia.